Public Utilities Risk Management Association
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                             Westborough, MA 01581
                             Phone (508) 983-1457



PURMA Organization
PURMA is a 501(C) (6) not- for- profit association. It is governed by a seven member board of directors elected from representatives of the member utility systems and formal by-laws. A qualified professional staff is in place to manage the ongoing operations of the association and provide services to it's members.

PURMA works with a licensed broker to procure commercially available insurance products to members.

PURMA seeks to function in place of a risk management department to members without a risk manager or as an additional resource to those that do.

PURMA History
PURMA was formally organized in 1996. The program's origins, however, date back as far as 1977 when a small group of municipally-owned utilities banded together to collectively purchase group liability insurance coverage. From that time, insurance lines, related products and services, and membership have steadily grown to what they are today.

PURMA Philosophy
PURMA seeks to provide members with access to insurance at reasonable cost regardless of the market conditions and to offer and promote loss prevention and risk management resources to its membership.

What Does PURMA Do?
PURMA represents its members, providing them with professional, cost effective, risk management and insurance services. We create risk management solutions that fit your utility's needs. PURMA's mission follows: PURMA is a not-for-profit organization that provides members superior solutions to all their risk management needs. PURMA's vision is to become the risk management partner of every municipal and cooperative utility in the northeast.

Who Joins PURMA?
PURMA utility members are publicly owned, nonprofit electric, gas, water, telecommunications, cable TV, and sewer utilities. This includes municipal utilities and rural cooperatives. PURMA also accepts associate members who subscribe to PURMA's high business standards and can help members achieve their goals and objectives. At PURMA, we feel all our members are "local" because of their shared commitment to public service.

Currently association membership and participation in member programs is represented by members in the following states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut and New York.

Why Join PURMA?
PURMA supports your risk management department. If you don’t have one, you will when you join PURMA! Busy managers are no longer alone in keeping up to date with growing risk management and insurance issues surrounding an ever changing, deregulated environment; PURMA fills the void with information and expertise. Simply pick up the phone and call us.