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Property Appraisals  PURMA sponsors the American Appraisal Associates’ property appraisal and valuation services. Having your utility plant property appraised is important to ensure your property values are accurately recorded and that losses will be fully covered by your property insurance carrier. Several different formats are available to fit your budget and needs.

Third Party Small Claims Administration  Do you enjoy responding to a customer's complaint of damage to his or her property due to an alleged fault of the utility? Does your staff respond to each complaint consistently? PURMA realizes it is important to handle these complaints in a courteous and professional manner that is fair to your customers while at the same time protecting your utility. Developed in conjunction with Starkweather & Shepley, this program provides one call handling of your problem complaints.

AlertDriving Awareness Program  Created by AlertDriving and available to PUMIC RRG Auto Insureds, the Defensive Driver Training Program is a web-based training program that delivers needed skills in 20-minute high interaction sessions. This program has been designed to maximize employee’s traffic safety awareness, while protecting them against costly accidents, injuries, violations, and negligent entrustment claims using the flexibility, privacy and convenience of the internet.

Medicare Reporting Agent Services Take the stress and complication out of the claim reporting compliance under Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 (MMSEA).  PURMA has negotiated an arrangement with Starkweather & Shepley to offer reporting agent services to our self-insured (Liability Only) Members directly.  S&S will be using the DDE for reporting PUMIC claims as well as contracted self-insured member claims.  The cost for the S&S Reporting Agent service is extraordinarily priced for PURMA Members.


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