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About This Survey

This survey should be used as a guide only, as each organization has unique operations and insurance needs. We recommend a comprehensive insurance review by PURMA or an alternative qualified risk manager prior to making any insurance changes or decisions.

Insurance Survey

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Auto Insurance

Does your organization have at least 1 owned vehicle?

Crime, Employment Practices Liability, Workers Compensation

How many employees do you have?

Directors & Officers

Is your organization overseen by a Board of Directors, Board of Trustees or Board of Commissioners?

Property & General Liability

Do you own or lease your work space?

Environmental & Excess Liability

Do you own or operate Power Generation or Power Distribution Equipment?


Could your network be held ransom by a bad actor?

Fiduciary Liability

Do you have a Fiduciary Responsibility to your employees?

Professional Liability

Do you provide professional services for a fee?